Dynavector P75mkIII

mm/mc phonoaste

900.00 e

herkkyys2mV / 0.15 - 0.2mV
vahvistus40dB / 60dB - 63dB
kuormitus47k / 25-30-100-470 ohm
ulkomitat (paino)133 x 83 x 44 mm (0.4kg)
virtalähde(12V/500mA) ei sisälly toimitukseen!
PE Phono EnhancerA bonus for those with suitable low impedance cartridges is the Dynavector “Phono Enhancer” mode, a circuit innovation devised by the late Dr. Tominari, founder of Dynavector Japan. This dispenses with the usual input resistor and runs the P75 as a current amplifier. Result is the cartridge sees an effective short circuit, supposedly the ideal load.
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