Harbeth Monitor 40.2


13490.00 e

The Monitor 40.2 redefines the term ‘Reference Loudspeaker’. Built on the success of the multi award-winning M40.1, this new generation is the biggest leap forward in sonic supremacy since the design’s launch in January 1998.

More efficient, more adaptable to a wide range of listening environments, perfectly balanced and more transparent and engaging, the M40.2 takes the Harbeth sound to a new level. With its mesmerising and addictive soundstage, Harbeth’s reference monitor produces a grand, dynamic and unforgettable sonic experience – far beyond conventional loudspeaker listening.

Taajuusvaste35Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB
Impedanssi6-8 ohm
Vahvistinsuositus35W +
Liittimet4mm kullatut
Ideaalinen etäisyys rajapinnoista1m
Mitat (k x l x s)750 x 432 x 388mm
Paino38 kg
Valmistajan tuotesivuhttp://www.harbeth.co.uk/uk/index.php?section=products&page=monitor40.2domestic&model=Monitor%2040.2%20domestic
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